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The field of sports and Physical Education in interconnection with History as a central point

The Study Group on the History of Sports and Physical Education (GEHEF), authenticated and certified by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), consists of an action coined in 2018, linked to the Department of Physical Education and Sports (DEFD) and the Graduate Program in History (PPGH) at the State University of Montes Claros (Unimontes/MG). The group holds periodic meetings that bring together academics at different stages of training interested in studying themes related to the scope of the body, bodily practices, sports and Physical Education interconnected with the areas of History and Education.


In addition to conducting investigations, the group carries out extension activities that radiate or stimulate new studies. Historical-cultural research seeks to decipher panoramas of the body, bodily practices, Physical Education, and Sports, encompassing Olympic/Paralympic sports and adapted sports in the country. The research subjects include: body, bodily/sports practices, Olympic studies, adapted and Paralympic sports, deaf sports, sports associationism, Physical Education teacher training, and sports and Physical Education figures.

The theoretical-methodological perspective of the research is anchored in History, Social Sciences and their interconnections with Physical Education and Sports Sciences, envisioning the aforementioned objects of study as historical and cultural constructions. GEHEF thus presents the production and publication of research, as well as teaching and outreach activities (exhibitions, lectures, among others) regarding the history of sports, the body, bodily practices and Physical Education in the northern region of the state of Minas Gerais and in Brazil as its purpose.


The History of Sport and Physical Education Study Group (GEHEF) is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ester Liberato Pereira, permanent teacher do Graduate Program in History and professor linked to the Department of Physical Education and Sports at Unimontes/MG.

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