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Historical mapping of military presence in Olympic and Paralympic equestrian sports in Brazil: historical and sociocultural figurations

This research project explores, from a socio-historical perspective, the military presence in Brazilian Olympic and Paralympic equestrian sport. More precisely, it is proposed to carry out such an analysis from 1948, when the country's first Olympic participation in modalities comprised by this sport takes place. From previous research, we found military participation in equestrian practices of other natures. What we intend now is to deepen and expand the identification of this military action in the field of classic Olympic and Paralympic equestrianism and its possible problematizations through document analysis based on a dense survey and documentary corpus to be carried out in the collections and archives of the School of the Army (EsEqEx), the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation (CBH), the National Library Foundation (FBN) and the Brazilian Digital Hemeroteca of the National Library (BNDigital). The study also includes a wide-ranging literary review, already in progress, of articles, dissertations, theses and books. Our objective, therefore, through this socio-historical and still unpublished research, is to understand, through these primary sources, the military presence in equestrian sports in Brazil in the Modern Olympic Games and in the Paralympic Games. In particular, the guiding lines of the research are encompassed as fields that are socially and culturally related and intended in space and time, as typical of a figuration composed of individuals who interrelate in a dynamic configuration. Aware of the still limited scientific literature in the area in the country, we propose to carry out the publication of scientific articles, in scientific journals indexed, open and with Qualis of higher strata, the dissemination in actions of extension project already in force - Centro de Memória do Esporte (CEMESP )/Unimontes -, production of a book with free access, via PDF, as well as organization of an event at Unimontes.


Financial Support: Research Support Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG)


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