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Book Publication

Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication, in partnership between GEHEF/Unimontes and Nehme/UFRGS, of the book chapter titled "Signs of Cultural Practices and Representations in the Municipal Student Games for the Deaf in Porto Alegre (JSPOA)." The authors are Viviane Dulius de Lima Fernandes, Janice Zarpellon Mazo, Ester Liberato Pereira, Tuany Defaveri Begossi, Giandra Anceski Bataglion, Raquel Valente de Oliveira, and Luana Paré Costa.

The chapter has just been published in the book "Interdisciplinary Themes on Social Representations - Vol. II," edited by Professors Ramon Missias-Moreira, Julio Cesar Cruz Collares-da-Rocha, and Ivete Batista da Silva Almeida. The book has been published by TerriED Publishing.

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